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Is there a fee for getting an estimate?

No, all estimates are free. Deluxe Paving and Excavating, LLC, will personally give you your estimate, allowing you to have benefit of our 35 years of experience.

Have questions? Want to discuss options? Call 1.203.761.9784 to schedule appointment and be present while we prepare the estimate

If you have questions, are adding new areas of driveway, aprons, Belgium block or other services, it would be best to schedule a time for your estimate when you can be present. Call 1.203.761.9784

Busy? Request an estimate by email!

If it is easier for you – let us know what you are looking for by completing the form below. We will drive by and look at your property when we are in the area. This works especially well if you plan on keeping the same “footprint” of your driveway with no major/extra changes.

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