Call Deluxe Paving and Excavating, LLC  for a professional evaluation and estimate. Whether it’s a completely new driveway, or the resurfacing of an existing one, Deluxe Paving and Escavating, LLC can help you decide on the best options for you. Since 1975, Deluxe Paving and Excavating, LLC has been earning satisfied customers – one driveway at a time!

New Driveways and Parking Areas

Cut in, build, create, and advise on new areas for paving that will beautify and balance your property.

The key to a beautiful, long lasting driveway is the base and the conscience of the individual doing the job. After careful preparation, we compact the base with a vibratory roller for added durability.

Hot Asphalt Patches and Potholes

Deluxe Paving can save you time and money, repairing any asphalt pothole problems you have—before they grow into major problems.

We repair asphalt problems with hot asphalt guaranteed to be at least 275° to 300°. Unlike cold patch, which lasts for only a short time, hot asphalt patch applications last — staying in place when compacted. Don’t wait to resolve problems.

Dig Out and Pave

Removal of all existing asphalt and add processed gravel material back in to establish the grade and pave with 2 1/2″ of compacted asphalt using a vibratory roller.


Skim the driveway with asphalt to level it, and apply a 2” layer of asphalt over the top, and compact the asphalt to 1.5”.

Oil and Stone

Apply a layer of hot asphalt oil over a new or existing asphalt driveway, and then cover with 3/8 inches of small pebbles. It creates what looks like a gravel driveway with the longevity of a paved surface.

Gravel Driveways

Put in new gravel driveways or restore your existing one.

Details & Finishing Touches


Belgium block, railroad ties, cut stone, granite stone and asphalt curbing. We suggest you always have your driveway paving contractor install your Belgium block, etc. Why? Because regular masons or landscapers often do not see the drainage and grades of the driveway as a paver does. So, you can end up with drives that don’t drain, have uneven block reveal, or other issues

The key to beautiful and long lasting Belgium block is layout, eye for grade, and proper concrete installation.


Belgium block, native cut stone, imprinted and colored asphalt, and brick pavers. Aprons can be placed at the entrance to your driveway or an entrance to a garage. They can be used to highlight any part of your driveway.