Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be present for an estimate?

    If you are keeping the same “footprint” of your driveway with no extra changes, we can drive by and email an estimate to you. If you have questions, are adding new areas of driveway, aprons, Belgium block or other services, it would be best to schedule a time for your estimate when you can be present.

  • Is there a fee for getting an estimate?

    No, all estimates are free. With Deluxe Paving and Excavating, LLC, you have the benefit of over 35 years of experience.

  • How do I know when I need to “dig out” an existing driveway before installing the new asphalt?

    If the driveway is all cracked up (like a spider’s web), and or heaving throughout, or when it does not drain effectively, it might indicate that the old driveway needs to be dug out and a new one installed.

  • When can I just resurface an existing driveway?

    If you have minor cracking that can be filled, with no drainage issues, and enough room for a new layer of asphalt to be applied without having any water problems, you can resurface.

  • Is my new driveway guaranteed?

    Deluxe Paving offers a one year warranty on heaving and cracking. If you have Deluxe Paving and Excavating, LLC seal the driveway, we will extend that warranty for an additional year.

  • How long will a driveway last?

    Typically, if Deluxe Paving installs the base, your driveway could last for 15 to 20 years.

  • Why is the base so important?

    Because your driveway is only as strong as your base. Asphalt is a flexible material—designed to give and take with minor movement. If your base is not strong enough, it will not support the weight of vehicles. Additionally, if the base is installed incorrectly, water will dissipate improperly—and seep underneath your driveway. This seeping water is a major factor of heaving and cracking and will quickly deteriorate a driveway.

  • Why is it important to use your asphalt contractor for Belgium block?

    The beauty of Belgium block is the contrast of the line of block against the asphalt. The Belgium block must be installed in a perfect line at the perfect pitch and grade for the asphalt. So often, masons do not see the pitch, drainage and other issues that asphalt installers do. We always like to be in control of the grade so the job comes out aesthetically pleasing.

  • What do I do once my new driveway is installed?

    • You will need to keep traffic off your driveway for at least 1 day and possibly more in hotter weather. Due to the fact that paving is applied hot, 325°, and needs to cool before it is ready for traffic, your driveway could experience tire marks as the temperature rises in the summer. The sun is at its strongest between the hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. At 85° air temperature, the surface temperature on the asphalt can be 150°. This makes the surface prone to surface marks. These are only blemishes on your new driveway, and will not hurt the driveway, but who wants a blemish?
    • It is best to keep the vehicle moving when you are turning the steering wheel, just like you would drive a car that does not have power steering.
    • Avoid things like jack stands, high heels, bicycle kick stands, ladders, and sharp objects. If you need to use a ladder on the driveway put a piece of wood to disperse the pounds per square inch. The same goes for a boat trailer or similar trailer.
  • When do I seal my driveway?
    We recommend you wait one year to seal your new driveway to give it time to cure properly.

Over time, the sun will bake the elastic properties in the asphalt and make them brittle so the driveway cracks instead of flexing. A sealer will protect against uv rays from the sun. It also protects from petroleum products that get spilled on the driveway. Spills that eventually penetrate the sealer and are absorbed into the asphalt, cause a soft spot that will eventually become a pot hole. It is best to wipe spills up as soon as you notice them.

The cost of asphalt has more that doubled in the last 10 years and sealing will preserve your new driveway as long as possible.